Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Dream Closet 1.0

Heyyy there. I know it's been weeks since my last entry. or is it been decades? lol

Nothing much to say just wanna show you guys my dream closet ehem i mean walk in closet... drooollllll

F bomb! so organized!

love, major LOVE

wow bet the OCD is somehow beneficial

I wanna kill the owner and make these shoes mine, i mean this whole closet

can i borrow his assistant for a week to lipat my bajus?

nice art

 These pictures and this closet aka little heaven on earth are real okayh! not from showroom or ikea okayh!

This is the owner, the man who is so inspiring the style maverick,

Brian Gluckstein!

Now Mr Gluckstein-super-wardrobe-owner,  can I sleep at your closet room puhleezzz :-p

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bukankosong said...

bilalah ye :P

1 day may be

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