Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kimora Mendiva Di KL?

Who knows Kimora Lee Simmons aka makcik sewel? eh silap, sapa tak kenal? what, tak kenal? tak kenal takpe bukan fofular sangat auntie Kimora ni pun, cuma beribu-ribu orang je jerit jerit nama dia masa dia datang  KL aritu. haha

Anyway, Buck diarahkan pergi cover event Kimora who is actually a former model dan sekarang bintang realiti tv kat E! Channel. Makcik ni jugak fashion moghul kat Amerika, kampung halamannya...

Buck tak minat sangat rancangan dia tu cuma adelah tengok sekali sekala. Dalam Tv dia macam diva nak mampuih tapi masa ketemunya face to face, memang berbeza, dia sangat sporting, real dan genuine. Her smiles are not fake.

Jom usha gambar makcik Kimora kat dua events aritu. Er, pic aku sekali la eh. lololol.

"Haiii koraaaangggg" hata mak nenek, eh makcik kimora...

"err,,, saya suka makan sambal belacan, telur masin ape lagi ek..." she said.

aku bergaya depan pink backdrop lagi tuh, kau ada?haha

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dream-y House

For most of us, being at home after a long and tiring day at work is just fancy enough.

If the house is beautifully arranged and decorated to our own preferance, we would have one less excuse to have an impromptu vacation!

Let alone a house that looks like this one of Ralph Lauren's pads... I dont wanna go out at all. Haha

I was amazed everytime I look at the pictures of the designer house... It is so sophisticated and masculine also chic at the same time.

And it has my favorite colors, black, white and brown, combined as the prime tone for almost everything in this house without looking boring and dull.

I guess it has french vibes with modern-classic style... Definately a style that I crave for...

Check it out, Ralph Lauren small yet fantastic space... What do you think?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Maafin, Memang Agak Busy

Hola guys. Yup, I am quite busy since last month. Baru sempat update blog.

Terima kasih sebab masih buka blog ni walau dah lama tak update.

Lagi satu, kepada kamu dan kamu dan kamu yang take part dalam little contest yang Buck buat baru-baru ni, stay tuned ya sebab Buck akan umumkan pemenang tak lama lagi!

Last but not least, lets have a look at the sneak peak of my latest holiday in Bandung ( which I visited last month).

Di kawah salah satu gunung berapi di Bandung, Indonesia.

Ok peeps, kalau nak usha more pics of my vacation in Bandung and Jakarta, keep your eyes on this blog ok!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Marc Jacobs Appreciation Dinner 2011

Recently my friend and I went to Marc Jacobs fashion show and dinner. It was held at Teeq Restaurant, Lot10 and I must say that the organizer has done a very good job that evening. We love the scrumptious dinner and beautiful table arrangment! Also present was the infamous singer with soprano voice, Syafinaz who was performing a few numbers and of course was wearing beautiful dress from Marc Jacobs.

I chose to wear something simple to the dinner,  a burgundy shirt and a pair of pants in brown color.
My my gorgeous date, Faten, donned a sleek and sophisticated blue dress at the event that also showed Marc Jacobs' new handbag collection. Oh ya, the liitle thing that we got as a gift too... it's super cute.


Syafinaz entertaining the guests with her superb vocal

the desert

beautiful table arrangement and the little gift from Marc Jacobs in chic wrapping
 Faten :-p
The chic Faten, YSL and CK-inspired.

How did I look? lol

Until the next entry...