Saturday, July 23, 2011

Phuket Island Escapade 2011 - Part 2

Here comes the part 2 of my recent Phuket vacation.

tut tut

Patong beach taken from the street
On the second day, we didn't really have any plan. So we went on the Phuket tour after a tourist guide approached us and convinced us to hire him for the tour.
We toured to a few so called interesting places in the Phuket island. The names of the places I dont really remember, but we did took some pictures.

 The tour guide bring us to one of the beautiful beaches there. it's about15 minutes drive from Patong town but I couldnt remember its name. It's a beach for surfers. The wave was quite high and the depth was not for swimming especially for a incompetent swimmer like me. but the view at the beach? Spectacular!

at one of the beaches.

 Then Charlie the guide brought us uphill to see the beach from the top of the hill. Masyallah, amazing giler the view

Then he brought us to see the thousands meters Buddha statue that was just erected a few years ago. It was huge.Tengok ja, tak worship pon. 

Then we had lunch at this stall. They claimed they cook halal food only and the owner and cooks are muslim. So we were convinced and had a tasty lunch there. What I like about food here, they are not oily. Kalau kat Malaysia tu nasik goreng and tomyam selalu dimasak banyak minyak. Kat Thai ni, hidangan sama, but less oily.

After lunch we ride an elephant. They charge quite high but you can always bargain for lesser price.

There are a few more places we went on the tour like souvenir shops and etc but it's not worth telling about them here.

 To be honest I cant wait for it to finish because we were exhausted already after lunch. Luckily, the tour didnt take the whole day and finished at 2 pm. So after the driver dropped us at our hotel, we were like, YAY!haha. oh ya, he only charge 400baht or RM40, and we even bargained anf got RM30 only for the whole island tour on a car. But we pity Charlie sebab fikir minyak, masa dan penat dia, we gave him 400baht.

Pas sampai, tiba2 kitorang ade tenaga balik dan nak jalan kat mall belakang hotel.haha..

So that was pretty much of our second day. What we did at that night? hehe. Rahsia, budak-budak takleh tau..haha

Until the next entry!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Assignment - Jaspal Fashionista Search 2011

I was at Jaspal Fashionista/Model Search 2011 on the last Friday's night. This is the first model search done by Jaspal and it was held at Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur. And no, I wasnt taking part, I was on duty.

The theme of the event was FASHIONISTA so I pulled up the fashionista in me. I'm a fashion enthusiast anyway. no problem for me to meet with the theme set up.

I invited my special friend, Faten for the evening because she is a fashion enthusiast as well and we havent seen each other for a few weeks and we blamed it on our busy schedules.
So here are the pics of the evening.

The winners and guests

The beautiful Faten and sloppy me

Sempat ambil gambar jap. burok kan suar pendek aku tu? Yang penting aku suka dan Faten cakap lawa.haha. The concept I wore that eveing was color blocking, That's why you see three different and major colors on my body in the pic. I fancy this style now.

Tapi kulit aku dull la lepas balik dari Phuket nih, haishhh.. takan la nak kena pergi wat facial? oh, No...

Another thing, walaupun banyak je artis dan model popular yang datang kat assignment aku ni, takde plak aku teringin nak ambil gambar dengan dorang, kena jaga la sikit kan. Unless memang kenal rapat atau work closely.

Apapun, aku balik dengan kepenatan sebab tunggu event ni yang lambat start unlike what has been scheduled. Nasib aku ni wartawan yang baik dan sabar, (dushhh) so aku tunggu je dan tak tinggalkan majlis ni. Dan nasib PR event ni baik ngan aku malam tu.

Kalau tak aku ngadu ngan boss aku, hilang satu coverage real media lah nampaknya event ni.haha. tak baik, tak baik.

Ok people, thanks for spending your precious time reading this entry, until the next one!

p/s: Read the full article of this event in Malaysia's leading English newspaper on the 31 July ok.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Assignment - Estee Lauder Model Search 2011

Hi, everybody.

How are things going on? I hope you guys are doing well. If you are not at the moment, hold on there, good time will come. ok, enough with the prep talk.

Last week I was on duty at Suria KLCC. I was invited (well, actually my company was)to cover the Estee Lauder Model Search 2011, the Grand Final event.

Let's check out the pictures

The finalists and the winners

That evening, the beautiful Farah won 3 subsidiary titles and went back as a Grand Prize winner for category A. First time a person won 4 titles in this annual competition. well done...

Er, let's usha what I wore at the event.

One of the perks going to this kind of fancy events is sometimes the media were given some nice freebies. Well, to be honest, it's ggod that they make the effort to give us something because sometimes we drove sooooo faaaar to cover their event... have to pay for parking some more..You know what I mean? haha. For this event, we were given this:

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

 They gave us this Estee Lauder perfume/body spray. But I think it's for ladies. So I'm gonna give this to my sis or my mum... haven't decided.. So, Sis, cross your fingers! haha

The event finished at 9pm and I didn't have to go back to the office and can drive home straight away... but, being me, .a person who likes to spend... I decided to go to stand-alone Topman shop,which just a few steps away from where the event was held.

Blinded by all those funky items by this British label especially the bangles and other accessories, I bought these two!

Topman's bangle and the skull necklace... It was love at first sight so I tell myself to buy them even though this month financial is quite tight due to Phuket trip. haisshhh... nevermind la. I get something for myself after a hard work of sitting at the front row for almost two hours at the event. haha

So that was it. After I made Topman a few ringgit richer, I  drove home...

Until the next entry!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Penulis Blog Suka Tipu Untuk Dapatkan Duit Pastu Pembaca Dapat Ape?

Hari ni mood berita, meh tengok dan baca berita terbaru yang membuka mata banyak pihak ni.

SEOUL: Suruhanjaya Perdagangan Saksama Korea Selatan (FTC) bertindak campur tangan dalam mengatasi isu penulis-penulis blog yang mendapat habuan dengan membuat ulasan tidak jujur tentang sesuatu produk, demikian menurut sumber rasmi, Khamis.

Badan itu pada minggu ini meminda peraturan supaya syarikat dan penulis blog memberitahu sama ada bayaran atau sebarang pemberian hadiah dibuat dalam memberi ulasan yang baik tentang sesuatu produk atau perkhidmatan.

Jika gagal berbuat demikian, penulis blog dan syarikat produk yang diberi ulasan akan dikenakan tindakan.

Peraturan itu juga dikenakan terhadap ulasan produk di laman sosial Twitter dan Facebook.

"Langkah ini diambil untuk mengatasi masalah di mana penulis blog memperdaya pengguna dengan menyembunyikan perjanjian mereka dengan syarikat dalam memberi ulasan yang bagus namun tidak jujur untuk mendapatkan jualan," beritahu pengarah badan itu kepada pemberita.

Penulis blog yang kononya berpengaruh di Korea Selatan dikatakan memberi promosi kepada sesetengah produk untuk mendapatkan komisyen atau hadiah percuma untuk diri mereka sendiri.

Dalam satu kes yang mencetuskan kemarahan orang awam baru-baru ini, seorang penulis blog yang juga seorang suri rumah dilaporkan mendapat komisyen ratusan ringgit dengan membuat ulasan baik dalam usaha membantu sebuah syarikat menjual produk perkakasan dapur yang mempunyai amaran agensi piawaian kerajaan.

"Pengguna internet berasa tertipu dengan penulis blog yang memperdaya mereka untuk mendapatakan wang dengan bersekongkol dengan syarikat menjual barang," komen seorang pengulas dalam akhbar Kookmin Ilbo.

Sesetengah penulis blog dan syarikat pengiklanan bagaimanapun meluahkan rasa tidak puas hati mereka terhadap usaha badan itu, demikian menurut akhbar JoongAng Daily.

"Persoalannya, bagaimanakah badan itu akan menyekat ribuan blog yang ada di alam siber?" kata seorang penulis blog Kim Seon-Jin.

"Terlalu banyak blog yang harus diawasi FTC dengan banyak blog baru yang dihasilkan setiap hari," katanya. -AFP

Kerajaan Malaysia bila lagi?

p/s: saya tak tulis blog untuk dapat duit banyak-banyak dengan tipu pembaca saya melalui review products yang TAK PENTING. Saya ade wet sendiri kooottt

Until the next entry

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Phuket Island Escapade 2011 - Part 1

Hi. Dah bersawang dah blog aku nih hampir dua minggu tak update.

I just came back from an island vacation and then continued working as usual.

So, I must update my vacay experience, right? Ok, this gonna be the first part.

But before that, maybe most of you didnt know where I;ve gone right? The place I had my vacay was actually Phuket Island!

This will be the first part of my many Phuket vacay entries.

Ok, jom tengok some pics on the first day I arrived in Phuket.

lepas perjalanan 1 jam, sampailah di Phuket. Dah sampai, me and my friend decided to take a van to go to our booked hotel.

dalam van on the way to hotel

Dah sampai hotel, kawan aku check in, aku tunggu kat lounge lobby.
at lobby
 Dah sampai, dah letak barang, aku suka sempat snap gambar bilik hotel. dan aku sendiri haha. vain tak?

pastu dah lapar, nak pergi makan sambil jalan jalan sekitar patong beach dan area tumpuan, bangla road juga kawasan sekitarnya.

dah jumpa tempat makan yang halal, makan la. serious tomyam dia sedap, nasi sedap, suma sedap dan kurang minyak digunakan. pastu gerai ni tepi pantai Patong plak. syok weyh.

Pastu jalan jalan jap, sambil diiringi hujan renyai. Pastu usha-usha jalan nak jejalan esok.

Dah tu, balik la ke hotel dan mandi ape semua. hurmmm masa tu tak sabar nak tunggu hari esok nak pergi ronda satu Pulau Phuket! wooohooo...

Until the second part... stay tuned