Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jom Geletek Sikit Mata Dan Minda Kita

Haloo semua yang sudi baca blog aku nih. Hari ni jom kita main game yang mencabar mata dan minda sikit. Asik nak post pasal diri sendiri dan benda-benda duniawi je nanti orang cakap syok sendiri kan.

Ok, kali ni jom kita main ilusi mata. Buck nak tunjuk korang dua gambar yang mengelirukan mata kita. meh2 scroll down.

Korang tgok gambar kat bawah ni, ade musang yang kelihatan cuak atau nervous. Ape ya gaknya yang membuatkan musang bermisai lebat ni cuak eh?

brilliant pic by Culpeo

Cuba perhatikan betol-betol gambar tu... apsal cuak si musang nih?

Jawapannya: Bila teropong betol-betol antara dua pokok paling tinggi tu, rupanya ade peneman si musang yang lagi besaaar dan nampak menakutkan, err, pada si musang.

Okayh, tercabar minda dan mata? haaa, baru lah intelektual (konon) haha.

Jom usha pic kedua ni, yang ni takyah fikir panjang-panjang, gerak-gerakkan mata sikit je ke atau dari gambar ni, fokus mata tu ubah-ubah kan...kemudian korang akan lihat macam gambar ni bergerak dan ade motion. Even sebenarnya bukan pun. Grafik ni still je tapi dia dah perdaya ilusi mata kita.

Rasa bijak sikit? ape yang bijaknya? Well, at least taklah entry ni tahap sampah kan. bahahaha

Tercabarkah minda? ya? bagus-bagus, IQ level kita dah naik sikit. haha LOL

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Need a Bag for Work

Hello everybody.

How's this final May's weekend so far? Hope you guys had a nice or great one.

You know what, the bag that I've been using for work isn't in good condition. And the other one I got bored with it. So, this means... shopping is in call.

As I'll be getting my pay in a few days, I'm thinking of getting like one of these:

 Canvas bag by Topman
> Canvas is one cool fabric. And the colors of this tote... are to die for. I love the combination of the navy blue and earthy colors like this shade of brown. They scream me.

Brown leather briefcase by Topman
 This is an epitome of what a briefcase should look like. It's classic yet modern in style. The details? Superb! ant it's in leather, too!

Canvas backpack by ASOS

Another canvas bag and also in earthy colors. But this is backpack! I used to love backpack so much but with backpack designs like this, I'm in love with it again. Hurmmm...

Canvas sling bag by ASOS

The buckles impressed me and the colors, oh-so-good! This bag looks similar to a pair of shoes that I bought a couple of months ago.

Wondering bout the prices of these bags? They are affordable to me and wont cause an arm and a leg. Not so expensive. Didnt see I listed DIOR Homme or LV or AX bag here right? Hehe because I know I cant afford and they are overpriced. So Topman atau seangkatan boleh le...

Wah, which one to choose ni? Even though I might not get exactly the same one as above, I hope that I could find one that resembles one of those.

Have you guys seen one that equally nice? Do inform me here ya.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My latest Gadget : iPad 2

Hi peeps.

Come come get closer to the screen because I want to share with you the good news that I have been talking about.

The good news is... I got an iPad 2! haha... obviously it's a good news for me (only). haha but it wont hurt if you guys share my happiness also right? haha

Ok, let's talk about the iPad 2 that I bought last week.

Before we go further, forgive the poor pictures quality. These pictures are taken from my Blackberry Curve 3G)

iPad 2 yang aku beli nih warna hitam bukan yang putih. The white one is selling like hot cakes but I dont mind because I always prefer black color.

Model Categories

Oh, yeah. iPad 2 comes in two categories: wifi atau wifi+3G. The one that I purchased is the wifi edition only. because I prefer to use just wifi and I dont want to use and pay a data plan. for me, wifi is enough as my house area and also office have wifi service.

love the packaging. simple yet stylish

The storage capacity? it comes in 16GB, 32GB or 64GB but mine is 64GB. Dah alang2 beli kan, so I took the one with the biggest storage.

The Packaging
Apple being Apple, it always gives minimal accessories in its products packaging, so iPad 2 is not excluded. No earphone no other accessories, just a power cable that also can be used as PC cable and a pair of Apple logo stickers.

The Beauty

When it comes to its looks, I think Apple has done a justice to this iPad version. The facelift was only done to the backside, but still is quite excellent. It's not bulky anymore as the side is no more like iPhone 4. iPad 2 has a (more) sleek design and the result is it gives a better grip when we hold it.

Not only it is sleek, it's slimmer too! It's as thin as 0.34 inches! check out the photo below!

arguably 2x slimmer than iPad 1!

Weight Loss

So, slimmer design means lighter weight. It's so convenient to bring this baby anywhere with its weight.  Steve Job(Apple boss) made iPad went to the gym for a slimmer body! Like...

So Fast So Furious

Lets talk about the Speed! Speed is something one can't get enough. With its dual core, this baby can certainly do much more,  a lot faster! thanks to its A5 custom design 1GHz chip. So gaming and browsing experience will be smoother!

Camera, Action!
As a amateur camwhore, of course I want to talk about iPad 2 camera! It has two cameras. the front and the back! the quality isnt superb but just nice for me take OK pictures. We can record video as well as edit the video on it!

the front camera

The camera has brought a few other features to this tablet also. There are (new) FaceTime app that allows us to make a video call via email and Photo Booth app that gives us opportunity to take various kinds of photos. From black and white to some bizarre visual effects. Like these:

 Battery Life

It's better than iPad version 1 because this one(the battery) can last up to 10 hours. Nice enhanced technology.

The Case

The original one only covers the screen, not the back side so I bought the one that is not produced by Apple but it covers both front side. Here is my iPad 2 with its clothes:

the cover

my baby with its baju

The front cover can be folded into 2-way stands

So I put the original sticker on the cover's back


This is a much better version of its sister, iPad 1. This little brother is a quintessential example of what technology is today.... sophisticated features and sleek design.My things!

Thinking of buying one, too? I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides - Launch Event and Movie Preview

Last Thursday I had to do one awesome assignment. I was assigned to go to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tide movie launch! The distributor, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Malaysia collaborated with Mid Valley Megamall and other sponsors were officially launching the movie in Malaysia and of course some journalists from big media companies got invited! Syokkk!

The launch started at 3pm so I, being excited drove to Mid Valley from office  around 2.30pm and arrived there 15 mins later. BUT! but! I couldnt find any available parking spot for 30 FREAKING MINUTES! I almost went crazy but I did bear in mind that I was gonna attend one nice event and gonna watch FREE movie, so I kept myself cool... Cool Buck..cool... free movie... free movie..

And then I saw one parking spot! which turned out to be not parking spot... it's before an emergency exit door so no one can park there... but I didn't care. I was already late! I'm not gonna miss the launch party with nice food!haha so I parked there and the moment I opened my car's door, a parking officer approached me. Maybe he wanted to tell me that I couldn't park at that place.

But before he could open his mouth I said to him, "Bang, saya dah lambat ade appointment nih, pastu dah setengah jam saya carik parking. Tolong la jangan clam..." and then that bro looked at me, looked at my tag that I was wearing, and then replied "Okeh.." sambil tunjuk thumbs up tanda restu.(restu, takleh blah perkataan dipilih) and of course I was so relieved and rasa macam VIP plak.. kau hado? haha

The Launch
I arrived at the mall's center court. One whollaa BIG SHIP catches my attention and I was sure this is the venue. niceeee.

Thank god the event hasn't started yet when I had arrived. So I registered myself and they gave me the goodies bag and a media kit. Again, niiiiceeeeeee...

Suddenly I said to myself, "Err, I'm gonna attend this by myself? ahh I don't think I know the people here..oh sh*t." Suddenly I saw three colleagues from marketing department! Yay! So I was accompanied by them.

The launch started and it was emceed by JJ from Hitz fm. ok la.not bad. There was a play, a game and decent food served by of course, PIRATES. Well, not real ones, just some tall well-built guys in pirates outfits and fake beard. They looked hilarious weyh. The play that mimicked the movie was nice also. Entertaining but a bit draggy.

So here some pictures of the event/play.

the ship

some media people were held captive

Gaduh gaduh manja

So you can see above Jack Sparrow made in Malaysia (jawa kot mamat nih) and some pirates and one mermaid with Chinese features. haha ok laaa

The launch ended at 5pm so the media people and sponsors adjourned to GSC for the movie screening.

The Movie

Hurmmm, the movie ya? the movie was good. The story line was simple yet smart. I'm gonna say it's superb just because I watched it for free and got free popcorn and drink, too. hahaha

Back to the movie, I got excited because Penelope Cruz is in this Pirates installment. I'm a fan of her beauty and grace. Her performance in this film? Not bad at all.

Who didn't like Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp, rigth? Captain Jack always worked his charms and brilliantly pull off witty jokes he could think of.

Oh yeah, the mermaids! Love those sultry mermaids especially one that the pirates captured. She's sassy, her face? my type! haha

Have to give 1348845 thumbs up to the CGI. It was absolutely detailed and SUPER AWESOME!

Want to read the film's full review done by me in BM? check this out---> AYYY!

So, you wanna see the goodies that I got from the event? Scroll down

Gotta love the notebook!
So, if you ask me whether should you watch this movie or not, I would say that you shouldn't miss it, it isn't the best film but it's so entertaining and witty. and I'm not saying this because I got to attend the launch and got the freebies, it's really an enjoyable movie. Go ahead, watch it!

p/s: this entry is not the good news of mine that I wanna tell you as I've mentioned in the previous entry. It's coming very soon. Keep up with me!

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Back! More Relieved than Ever

Seriously??? The last update was over two friggin' weeks ago? My bad.. well, that happened when your real career takes place in your life. I dont have much time for other things. erkk I sound like a very busy career person konon. Haha, but it's true. I'm quite busy.

For the past few weeks,  many things have happened. Some are bad and fortunately some are quite good.

How am I? So far so good, if you're asking me. But I have to thank you guys who still checked out my blog even I didn't have anything latest posted. How did I know there were people who browse through my blog? Stats la derrr... haha

Wokeh2. nak tayang muka jap. sebab aku tak tau nak letak pic ape. so, here it is

love my outfits!

ok kah? ok la dari takde. macam pendek aku dalam pic ni, even takde la pendek pun, 168 cm is my height. What???? hitam??? hahaha hitam itu menawan. ak tak la hitam pon, tanned ja. ala-ala latino. kau hado?

Ouh, ya guys, gonna share with you some good news of mine later... stay tuned ya

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Loser vs The Winner

The loser is always part of the problem
The winner is always part of the answer
The loser always has an excuse
The winner always has a programme
The loser says, "That's not my job"
The winner says, " It's not a problem to do it"
The loser sees a problem in every answer
The winner sees an answer for every problem
The loser says, "It may be possible, but it's too difficult"
The winner says, " it may be difficult but it's possible"

Sweet Memory in Cameron Highland

Hi all. I've mentioned before that I was really looking forward for a vacation. And when I was informed that  a retreat for us,  the seven StarTrackers (The Star's graduate trainees) has been arranged, I was so delighted and couldn't wait for it.

Day 1
Finally the day has come! The location was Cameron Highland. It's good enough for an all-paid (free) holiday. We were there for two nights.

The journey took almost three and a half hour I think. I wasn't driving, so i listened to mp3 songs to kill the time.

When we arrived there, it was near 2pm and we were looking for a Halal restaurant to have lunch. We had lunch in the Cameron Highland town. It was a fusion restaurant.

Salty lamb chop. But I liked it

 After lunch, we had durian as dessert. How nice...

Let's talk about Cameron Highland's weather and humidity. At the time we arrived, the weather was not cold. But it was breezy and it's not as warm or hot as down under. I mean, the lowland. duh...

A historic building and a hotel behind it

 After lunch, we proceeded to the place where we stayed in during the retreat. It's my company's bungalow named Bintang Cottage. Oh yeah, the bungalow is only for management bosses. But we are so lucky we got the chance to stay there. Free of charge. Alhamdulillah.

me sitting at the bungalow's front yard.

That first night, we want to eat something that is related to Cameron, meaning that we wanted to eat something fresh like fresh veggies and those stuff. So, what's the best way to eat fresh veggies other than to eat them freshly from a steamboat! so we had steamboat style dinner! It was awesome!

my dessert! fresh yogurt strawberry! it must be strawberry!haha
 Day 2

The following, we had home-made breakfast at the bungalow. prepared by the bungalow's caretaker, Mr. Cameron himself. Yeah, Mr Cameron who lives in Cameron Highland. hehe

In the afternoon, we went to a tea plantation. It wasn't the renowned BOH tea plantation, it was something less big but yet worth visiting and taking picture at.

 We came back to the bungalow to have lunch.

Yup, it was William and Kate's royal wedding. We didn't want to miss it so we watched it. After we lost interest, we went to the weekly Pasar malam and did some shopping! YEAH! the market was filled with fresh and cheap veggies, fruits and flowers on very cheap price! The price that we cant get in KL or any big towns, of course.

fresh strawberries anyone?
 It was the time for BBQ for that night dinner! wooohooo! syioookk!

 The final day at the bungalow and Cameron Highland. Hurmmm I felt like I didnt wana go home! seriously. We enjoyed our time there... Thanks Star, Cameron Highlan, and Mr. Cameron. It was a whale strawberry of a time! God's willing, gonna come back!

Snap a few photos before we start the journey back to KL

Add caption

Monday, May 2, 2011

Amazing Sunday

Sorry dah beberapa hari tak update blog aku ni. Nasib baik anai-anai tak masuk wat sarang dan makan blog aku nih. LOL

Tadi kuar ngan cik epal. Seronok. Bertambah seronok sebab cik epal belanja lunch. Nak belanja sangat kan? ha, belanja jangan tak belanja...

Had lunch at Madam Kwan's restaurant. First time for both of us.
Cik epal sendawa ke ape tu?

Muka kerut fikir pasal bil eh?kehkeh

Nasi bujari. sebutan nasi buhari,kot. sedap sambalnya

 The food especially the one that I ordered looked and tasted good. Cik Epal's meal? hurmmmm she commented about it in her related entry.Ini pic lunch je, tapi tak bermakna kitorang tak pergi teatime dan dinner. Cik epal lapar nti kalo tak dapat. Suka makan dia tu.baguslah daripada memilih-milih makan ni kan.

Later that afternoon my buddy, Ruff arrived at Midvalley and we went for a much-awaited retail therapy.

scrutinizing the shirt. haha

Cik epal sorry curik pic ya. Thanks.muuahhhh. Suruh shopping taknak shopping, shopping bila tak kuar ngan I. Ceh, mentang-mentang shopping kat Pavi je.ceh haha

Ini entry ringkas. Tak berdaya mahu panjang-panjang dan mengindahkan ayat-ayat ku. Penat.

p/s: Just came back from a vacation in Cameron Highland. The story together with the photos can be seen starting tomorrow. Stay tuned. chaowww