Friday, December 30, 2011

Year 2011 Entry Round-Up

Hi all. Time does fly so fast, right? Year 2011 is leaving us in no time... and 2012 is really fast approching.

Many things happened this year. I dont even know where to start...

But of course, I started blogging in this year. After a few years of thinking and considering, I finally posted my first entry for this humble blog. While the first one will always be the epic entry for me, some entries are not less important and quite telling what I have done trough out the year.

These are some of the highlight entries for my blog.

> My first entry, it's quite shallow... but it marks a spot to my dear life and opened another opportunity to share my thoughts to others... :-)  Saying Hello from blogspot

> This entries are not that great.. but they show who I am... a guy who loves to share information. And also show that my passion, which is editorial work... What a douchebag part 1 and what a douchebag part 2

>  While with this entry I received the most difavors... Maybe some felt that I was attacking some people, but I wasnt. I was just being me... a reporter or journalist. I spoke to open minds and create awareness... Penulis blog suka tipu

> This entry was my one of favorites.. I got to share some good experience about beautiful places with According to Buck readers... and the pics too... love to share them. Phuket Island Escapade 2011 - Part 1 and Part 2

> I did a contest! with good prizes! thanks to participants... you guys rock! Just wait for the winners announcement ya (sorry tak sempat wat lagi) Jom Join Contest Pengenalan According to Buck 

Anyways, thanks for stopping by! Check out the next entry tomorrow! it will be more fun!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Buck and Japanese Food. Can Go?

My close friends memang tau Buck tak berapa nak suka Japanese food. Sushi ok la. tapi yang lain-lain tu macam tak berapa nak tertelan.

But recently Buck dijemput wat food review di restoran makanan Jepun baru iaitu Watami.
masa sebelum pergi I was like "erh no, I'm not into Japanese food". tapi sebab dah kerja, kena la pergi.

But the food and the restaurang concep took me by surprise. Aku macam leh masuk plak majoriti daripada 13 makanan yang dorang suruh aku makan (atau melahap?) tu.

For more details and comments, sila lah check akhbar The Star dalam masa beberapa hari ni ya.

But korang leh check out some pictures below... enjoy.

macam-macam sushi

mee sejuk ala Korea

potato salad yang kena lenyek sendiri. best
Want any fresher? squeeze it yourself!

serious best air ni. dah la besar, harga cam ok lak tu kan :-)

Jangan lupa baca food review Buck ni nanti dekat paper ok!

(p/s ini bukan iklan ya)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gelato Ice Cream

Sapa suka makan gelato ice cream angkat kening... nih ada good news.

Last week Buck pergi event Gelato Fruity dekat Mid Valley. Dorang launched 88 perasa ice cream dorang...
macam-macam perisa ada... cakap je nak perisa apa... perisa buah naga pun ada (kalau tak silap)

Aku dapatlah jugak rasa beberapa perisa baru.. paling best adalah durian dan banana oat! pastu dorang tapau kan dua perisa suruh bawak balik, syok abes.

Jom usha gelato ice cream tuh...

seronok! sedap dan reasonable price

tengah layan gelato durian!