Thursday, May 26, 2011

My latest Gadget : iPad 2

Hi peeps.

Come come get closer to the screen because I want to share with you the good news that I have been talking about.

The good news is... I got an iPad 2! haha... obviously it's a good news for me (only). haha but it wont hurt if you guys share my happiness also right? haha

Ok, let's talk about the iPad 2 that I bought last week.

Before we go further, forgive the poor pictures quality. These pictures are taken from my Blackberry Curve 3G)

iPad 2 yang aku beli nih warna hitam bukan yang putih. The white one is selling like hot cakes but I dont mind because I always prefer black color.

Model Categories

Oh, yeah. iPad 2 comes in two categories: wifi atau wifi+3G. The one that I purchased is the wifi edition only. because I prefer to use just wifi and I dont want to use and pay a data plan. for me, wifi is enough as my house area and also office have wifi service.

love the packaging. simple yet stylish

The storage capacity? it comes in 16GB, 32GB or 64GB but mine is 64GB. Dah alang2 beli kan, so I took the one with the biggest storage.

The Packaging
Apple being Apple, it always gives minimal accessories in its products packaging, so iPad 2 is not excluded. No earphone no other accessories, just a power cable that also can be used as PC cable and a pair of Apple logo stickers.

The Beauty

When it comes to its looks, I think Apple has done a justice to this iPad version. The facelift was only done to the backside, but still is quite excellent. It's not bulky anymore as the side is no more like iPhone 4. iPad 2 has a (more) sleek design and the result is it gives a better grip when we hold it.

Not only it is sleek, it's slimmer too! It's as thin as 0.34 inches! check out the photo below!

arguably 2x slimmer than iPad 1!

Weight Loss

So, slimmer design means lighter weight. It's so convenient to bring this baby anywhere with its weight.  Steve Job(Apple boss) made iPad went to the gym for a slimmer body! Like...

So Fast So Furious

Lets talk about the Speed! Speed is something one can't get enough. With its dual core, this baby can certainly do much more,  a lot faster! thanks to its A5 custom design 1GHz chip. So gaming and browsing experience will be smoother!

Camera, Action!
As a amateur camwhore, of course I want to talk about iPad 2 camera! It has two cameras. the front and the back! the quality isnt superb but just nice for me take OK pictures. We can record video as well as edit the video on it!

the front camera

The camera has brought a few other features to this tablet also. There are (new) FaceTime app that allows us to make a video call via email and Photo Booth app that gives us opportunity to take various kinds of photos. From black and white to some bizarre visual effects. Like these:

 Battery Life

It's better than iPad version 1 because this one(the battery) can last up to 10 hours. Nice enhanced technology.

The Case

The original one only covers the screen, not the back side so I bought the one that is not produced by Apple but it covers both front side. Here is my iPad 2 with its clothes:

the cover

my baby with its baju

The front cover can be folded into 2-way stands

So I put the original sticker on the cover's back


This is a much better version of its sister, iPad 1. This little brother is a quintessential example of what technology is today.... sophisticated features and sleek design.My things!

Thinking of buying one, too? I highly recommend it.


Anonymous said...

share the price as well, pleaseeee!

cheqwa said...

waah...bes gileer..nk 1! ;)

Aman Ibrahim said...

smart~ even better than the first one..
berbaloi, case pown hebat!

nurfarah nadiah said...


Una said...

nak casing tuh! =P

i just got mine yesterday..ngee..

but not ipad 2 lorh..just ipad 1..xleh nak amek gambar.. ;P

i am having trouble with the jailbreak, cydia and macam2 lagi larh..kalau u rajin, tulis la entry pasal benda tuh..kihkihkih

pqa_amad said...

perrgghhh. gila cool beb. bila ntah nak dapat gitu. huahuahua

[k]o{q}i[n] said...

siyesly... i do jelous..!!!

cik EPAL said...
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::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

wah... nice.. i mean the sofa.. i like.. hehehehehe

sha shareen said...

comel nipis jgn terduduk kat die sudah

Princess Feyqa said...

Apple sudah restock ke ? how much ea?

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