Sunday, May 29, 2011

Need a Bag for Work

Hello everybody.

How's this final May's weekend so far? Hope you guys had a nice or great one.

You know what, the bag that I've been using for work isn't in good condition. And the other one I got bored with it. So, this means... shopping is in call.

As I'll be getting my pay in a few days, I'm thinking of getting like one of these:

 Canvas bag by Topman
> Canvas is one cool fabric. And the colors of this tote... are to die for. I love the combination of the navy blue and earthy colors like this shade of brown. They scream me.

Brown leather briefcase by Topman
 This is an epitome of what a briefcase should look like. It's classic yet modern in style. The details? Superb! ant it's in leather, too!

Canvas backpack by ASOS

Another canvas bag and also in earthy colors. But this is backpack! I used to love backpack so much but with backpack designs like this, I'm in love with it again. Hurmmm...

Canvas sling bag by ASOS

The buckles impressed me and the colors, oh-so-good! This bag looks similar to a pair of shoes that I bought a couple of months ago.

Wondering bout the prices of these bags? They are affordable to me and wont cause an arm and a leg. Not so expensive. Didnt see I listed DIOR Homme or LV or AX bag here right? Hehe because I know I cant afford and they are overpriced. So Topman atau seangkatan boleh le...

Wah, which one to choose ni? Even though I might not get exactly the same one as above, I hope that I could find one that resembles one of those.

Have you guys seen one that equally nice? Do inform me here ya.


Pwincess9 Juhary said...

dah beli ke? yang the first 3 tu menarik... tak nak look profesional baik yang second tu.. the leather... ta[ai kalau nak prasan adventurous tengah2 kl ni baik amik the back pack.. smart

Buck Syah said...

Hi pwencess9, thanks for the suggestions, FYI I dah beli da bag utk pergi keje ni tp bkan salah satu dr bag bag di atas sbb tak jmpa kat Malaysia lg Dan kalau order online berminggu br smpai so beli yang biasa2 je tp design ya mcm branded hehe thanks dear

Pwincess9 Juhary said...

owhhh... beli yang acam ne?? ada tak yang mcm one of the design kat atas??

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