Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides - Launch Event and Movie Preview

Last Thursday I had to do one awesome assignment. I was assigned to go to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tide movie launch! The distributor, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Malaysia collaborated with Mid Valley Megamall and other sponsors were officially launching the movie in Malaysia and of course some journalists from big media companies got invited! Syokkk!

The launch started at 3pm so I, being excited drove to Mid Valley from office  around 2.30pm and arrived there 15 mins later. BUT! but! I couldnt find any available parking spot for 30 FREAKING MINUTES! I almost went crazy but I did bear in mind that I was gonna attend one nice event and gonna watch FREE movie, so I kept myself cool... Cool Buck..cool... free movie... free movie..

And then I saw one parking spot! which turned out to be not parking spot... it's before an emergency exit door so no one can park there... but I didn't care. I was already late! I'm not gonna miss the launch party with nice food!haha so I parked there and the moment I opened my car's door, a parking officer approached me. Maybe he wanted to tell me that I couldn't park at that place.

But before he could open his mouth I said to him, "Bang, saya dah lambat ade appointment nih, pastu dah setengah jam saya carik parking. Tolong la jangan clam..." and then that bro looked at me, looked at my tag that I was wearing, and then replied "Okeh.." sambil tunjuk thumbs up tanda restu.(restu, takleh blah perkataan dipilih) and of course I was so relieved and rasa macam VIP plak.. kau hado? haha

The Launch
I arrived at the mall's center court. One whollaa BIG SHIP catches my attention and I was sure this is the venue. niceeee.

Thank god the event hasn't started yet when I had arrived. So I registered myself and they gave me the goodies bag and a media kit. Again, niiiiceeeeeee...

Suddenly I said to myself, "Err, I'm gonna attend this by myself? ahh I don't think I know the people here..oh sh*t." Suddenly I saw three colleagues from marketing department! Yay! So I was accompanied by them.

The launch started and it was emceed by JJ from Hitz fm. ok la.not bad. There was a play, a game and decent food served by of course, PIRATES. Well, not real ones, just some tall well-built guys in pirates outfits and fake beard. They looked hilarious weyh. The play that mimicked the movie was nice also. Entertaining but a bit draggy.

So here some pictures of the event/play.

the ship

some media people were held captive

Gaduh gaduh manja

So you can see above Jack Sparrow made in Malaysia (jawa kot mamat nih) and some pirates and one mermaid with Chinese features. haha ok laaa

The launch ended at 5pm so the media people and sponsors adjourned to GSC for the movie screening.

The Movie

Hurmmm, the movie ya? the movie was good. The story line was simple yet smart. I'm gonna say it's superb just because I watched it for free and got free popcorn and drink, too. hahaha

Back to the movie, I got excited because Penelope Cruz is in this Pirates installment. I'm a fan of her beauty and grace. Her performance in this film? Not bad at all.

Who didn't like Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp, rigth? Captain Jack always worked his charms and brilliantly pull off witty jokes he could think of.

Oh yeah, the mermaids! Love those sultry mermaids especially one that the pirates captured. She's sassy, her face? my type! haha

Have to give 1348845 thumbs up to the CGI. It was absolutely detailed and SUPER AWESOME!

Want to read the film's full review done by me in BM? check this out---> AYYY!

So, you wanna see the goodies that I got from the event? Scroll down

Gotta love the notebook!
So, if you ask me whether should you watch this movie or not, I would say that you shouldn't miss it, it isn't the best film but it's so entertaining and witty. and I'm not saying this because I got to attend the launch and got the freebies, it's really an enjoyable movie. Go ahead, watch it!

p/s: this entry is not the good news of mine that I wanna tell you as I've mentioned in the previous entry. It's coming very soon. Keep up with me!


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