Saturday, July 23, 2011

Phuket Island Escapade 2011 - Part 2

Here comes the part 2 of my recent Phuket vacation.

tut tut

Patong beach taken from the street
On the second day, we didn't really have any plan. So we went on the Phuket tour after a tourist guide approached us and convinced us to hire him for the tour.
We toured to a few so called interesting places in the Phuket island. The names of the places I dont really remember, but we did took some pictures.

 The tour guide bring us to one of the beautiful beaches there. it's about15 minutes drive from Patong town but I couldnt remember its name. It's a beach for surfers. The wave was quite high and the depth was not for swimming especially for a incompetent swimmer like me. but the view at the beach? Spectacular!

at one of the beaches.

 Then Charlie the guide brought us uphill to see the beach from the top of the hill. Masyallah, amazing giler the view

Then he brought us to see the thousands meters Buddha statue that was just erected a few years ago. It was huge.Tengok ja, tak worship pon. 

Then we had lunch at this stall. They claimed they cook halal food only and the owner and cooks are muslim. So we were convinced and had a tasty lunch there. What I like about food here, they are not oily. Kalau kat Malaysia tu nasik goreng and tomyam selalu dimasak banyak minyak. Kat Thai ni, hidangan sama, but less oily.

After lunch we ride an elephant. They charge quite high but you can always bargain for lesser price.

There are a few more places we went on the tour like souvenir shops and etc but it's not worth telling about them here.

 To be honest I cant wait for it to finish because we were exhausted already after lunch. Luckily, the tour didnt take the whole day and finished at 2 pm. So after the driver dropped us at our hotel, we were like, YAY!haha. oh ya, he only charge 400baht or RM40, and we even bargained anf got RM30 only for the whole island tour on a car. But we pity Charlie sebab fikir minyak, masa dan penat dia, we gave him 400baht.

Pas sampai, tiba2 kitorang ade tenaga balik dan nak jalan kat mall belakang hotel.haha..

So that was pretty much of our second day. What we did at that night? hehe. Rahsia, budak-budak takleh tau..haha

Until the next entry!


Adam Idris said...

breathtaking view of the beach from the hill,
nampak sangat pristine,
bila nak sampai ni? hehe

isma said...

nicw beach dia...

hanya.AKU.yang.tahu said...

owg tw mr.buck wt pe mlm2..hehehe :P

khadijah said...

bestnye.. nak ole2..hee

Cik NY said...

cantik sungguh ciptaan Allahkan.... beruntung buck dpt pergi kat situ..... airnye jernih... pantainye cantik... banyak pemandangan yang memukau mate....
ble lah agaknye Cik NY berpeluang nak pergi situ... seronoknye... jauh berjalan...indah pemandangan.... banyak pengalaman....

::FAIZ FARISH:: said...


Buck Syah said...

Adam: right..insyallah satu hari smpai punya..plan la

Isma: mmg nice.. Nyaman je tgok

Hanyakuygtahu: u ni semua tau eh haha

Khadijah: kena masuk contest buck lakalo nak ole2

Cik ny: betol... Bersyukur dpt tgok ciptaan tuhan yg catik cik ny lak pergikanhehe

Faiz: nicelagikete kancil ko ade langsir faiz haha

Ieka Luvika said...

huwaaa nak pegi phuket! nak pegi phuket!
nanges guling2 >,<"

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