Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Marc Jacobs Appreciation Dinner 2011

Recently my friend and I went to Marc Jacobs fashion show and dinner. It was held at Teeq Restaurant, Lot10 and I must say that the organizer has done a very good job that evening. We love the scrumptious dinner and beautiful table arrangment! Also present was the infamous singer with soprano voice, Syafinaz who was performing a few numbers and of course was wearing beautiful dress from Marc Jacobs.

I chose to wear something simple to the dinner,  a burgundy shirt and a pair of pants in brown color.
My my gorgeous date, Faten, donned a sleek and sophisticated blue dress at the event that also showed Marc Jacobs' new handbag collection. Oh ya, the liitle thing that we got as a gift too... it's super cute.


Syafinaz entertaining the guests with her superb vocal

the desert

beautiful table arrangement and the little gift from Marc Jacobs in chic wrapping
 Faten :-p
The chic Faten, YSL and CK-inspired.

How did I look? lol

Until the next entry...


misz beauty said...

nak tau dapat gift ape!!! =)

[k]o{q}i[n] said...

u look good... faten looks so gorgeous...

fatin syamimi abdul rashid said...

at last . u update something :) welcome back .

pAri-ParI tErbAng tiNgGi said...

kamoo nmpk kurus sgt...

Buck Syah said...

misz beauty: dapat bag march jacobs!

koqin: thanks bro

fatin syamimi: hey thanks

Pari2 terbang tinggi: mmg kurus time tu sebab br elok demam..

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