Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sweet Memory in Cameron Highland

Hi all. I've mentioned before that I was really looking forward for a vacation. And when I was informed that  a retreat for us,  the seven StarTrackers (The Star's graduate trainees) has been arranged, I was so delighted and couldn't wait for it.

Day 1
Finally the day has come! The location was Cameron Highland. It's good enough for an all-paid (free) holiday. We were there for two nights.

The journey took almost three and a half hour I think. I wasn't driving, so i listened to mp3 songs to kill the time.

When we arrived there, it was near 2pm and we were looking for a Halal restaurant to have lunch. We had lunch in the Cameron Highland town. It was a fusion restaurant.

Salty lamb chop. But I liked it

 After lunch, we had durian as dessert. How nice...

Let's talk about Cameron Highland's weather and humidity. At the time we arrived, the weather was not cold. But it was breezy and it's not as warm or hot as down under. I mean, the lowland. duh...

A historic building and a hotel behind it

 After lunch, we proceeded to the place where we stayed in during the retreat. It's my company's bungalow named Bintang Cottage. Oh yeah, the bungalow is only for management bosses. But we are so lucky we got the chance to stay there. Free of charge. Alhamdulillah.

me sitting at the bungalow's front yard.

That first night, we want to eat something that is related to Cameron, meaning that we wanted to eat something fresh like fresh veggies and those stuff. So, what's the best way to eat fresh veggies other than to eat them freshly from a steamboat! so we had steamboat style dinner! It was awesome!

my dessert! fresh yogurt strawberry! it must be strawberry!haha
 Day 2

The following, we had home-made breakfast at the bungalow. prepared by the bungalow's caretaker, Mr. Cameron himself. Yeah, Mr Cameron who lives in Cameron Highland. hehe

In the afternoon, we went to a tea plantation. It wasn't the renowned BOH tea plantation, it was something less big but yet worth visiting and taking picture at.

 We came back to the bungalow to have lunch.

Yup, it was William and Kate's royal wedding. We didn't want to miss it so we watched it. After we lost interest, we went to the weekly Pasar malam and did some shopping! YEAH! the market was filled with fresh and cheap veggies, fruits and flowers on very cheap price! The price that we cant get in KL or any big towns, of course.

fresh strawberries anyone?
 It was the time for BBQ for that night dinner! wooohooo! syioookk!

 The final day at the bungalow and Cameron Highland. Hurmmm I felt like I didnt wana go home! seriously. We enjoyed our time there... Thanks Star, Cameron Highlan, and Mr. Cameron. It was a whale strawberry of a time! God's willing, gonna come back!

Snap a few photos before we start the journey back to KL

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kat cold storage laa hehe... gi tido la

JHaZKiTaRo said...

salam kenal.. rajin2, jemput singgah my blog 'Aku Sebutir Pasir' kalau nak baca my travelling experiences ke 45 buah negara.. :)

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wah syoknya dapat stay kt bintang cottage..cantik gila..hee..

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pergh..cameron best!

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