Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Google Office Visit

Hello. Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit Google Office Malaysia.

Selected members of the media were invited by Google to take part in a quiz held by the Internet giant. The game was called Get in Touch with Your Mojo Challenge.

The challenge's questions are based on Google and its products/services namely Maps, Chrome, Translate and Search. We were divided into groups and my team won second place!

It was specifically held at their office's cafe cum pantry cum cool hangout place (for their staff to take five).

If you have never been there, I'm telling you guys... The Google cafe.... It was really awesome.

Fancy food and drinks, cool seats and the concept was a mixture of modern and Malaysian coffee shop. I guess.

My point is... it was really a great place to work in! Anyway, here are some pictures from the visit and more of the cool cafe and prizes I got at my post on Youtube channel.

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