Friday, December 4, 2015

Love to cook

My family and friends know that I love to eat and I love to cook! 

I dont really do food hunting like travel every few days or go out of town tonfind food. 
The foodie inside of me prefers to have meals at home. Since I live alone, I love to cook on my own. I get to create my own oen recipes and adjust the food that I like to my liking. 

Well mostly I  prepare simple stuff. Nasi briyani ke gulai kawah ke atau yang susah susah tu memang tatau la.

I really like to cook simple pasta dish, masak lemak even maggi. Oh and nasi goreng... Always cook nasi goreng. Orang bujang la katakan. Sambal udang is my favorite too.

I don't have much time in my hand but when infeel like cooking... I'll cook no matter what. Haha here are some of my simple cooking.

Lapar pulak lepas buat entry ni.

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