Wednesday, December 2, 2015

One of these bags

I want to buy one of these bags. After all the hardworks and ups and down I've gone through these past years, I think I deserve to reward myself.

I'm not really a bug fan of designer items but hey we gotta at least have one right?! 

For high-end brand bags, I would love to own a Louis Vuitton or Gucci or Fendi or maybe Prada also my all time favorite brand Saint Laurent (YSL).

Since I think I earn it and badly need a bag for work and leisure, I'm setting my eyes in these bags from the latest season which is autumn winter 2015/16. Of course I cant buy all of them yet but serious in buying one of them. Hope it will be a good investment. Which do you think suit me best?

The Gucci GG Supreme Backpack

Saint Laurent (YSL) Monogram Backpack
Or 7 Days a Week by Louis Vuitton (LV)

Or this folio bag from Marc Jacobs

I am weighing my options and taking everything into consideration right now and excited to own one of these bad boys!

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