Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bizarre Rings for Guys

A few days ago I went to a shop after an event at mid valley mall and saw a few cool yet bizarre-looking rings for men.

I wanted to buy but I forgot to withdraw the money. So i ended up going back with no ring on my fingers.

Reached home and googled the ring. I found pictures of these awesome and essentric rings. Which one do you like? I think I'm getting one of these soon.


[k]o{q}i[n] said...

get me one, buck...!!!

Pwincess9 Juhary said...

yang no 1,2 n yang gambar helag tu cool.. hhhe

::FAIZ FARISH:: said...


Zamri A. said...

The LOVE one is cool. I previously got some rings from Topman too, like a wing. Memang awesome... N murah. :)

Anonymous said...

4th picture..match with you..:)

Buck Syah said...

Koqin, insyallah if im a milionnaire i buy u 3 koqin!

Pwincess juhary, yeke? Nk belilah

Fai, kan?

Amri, really? Yup, forgot to mention they are ll from topman. True, mmg awesome

Rein Rein said...

eagle :)

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