Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's Gonna be a Very Busy Week!

It's the second week of October already, without me realizing it... until a few minutes ago.

Starting tomorrow I have a few invitations and assignments to attend.

From Marc Jacobs appreciation dinner and fashion show to Li tv launch event by Astro, my energy and time are booked by these commitments!

Not that i'm complaining. So far I kinda enjoy it.

And yeah, I dont really mind because by the end of this week, I'll be flying to... Shhhh secret! Haha kalau eager to know, keep browsing this site ok!

Wokeh, below is the picture of some event invitations I have to entertain this coming weekdays. Will you guys be at those events too? Kalo jumpa tegur la ok!


Rein Rein said...

Marc Jacobs, bukan biskut Jacobs okeh! haha.. enjoy ur weekend getaway anyways.. nak ikuttt =/

aisyah kirana said...

woooo . untungla buck . nak ekod boleh ?

[k]o{q}i[n] said...

best je kan dpt invitation...teringin nk rse mcm ni...huhuhu

Buck Syah said...

Rein.. Haha dua2 ada dlm blog neh...

Aisyah kirana: jom!

Koqin: hehe ni keje la bro...

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