Thursday, April 21, 2011

Natural Man

Let's Go Natural

I know it's a colorful season now. But you dont want to look parade-ish all the time. So boys, let's adopt natural colors in our looks.

Tips to pull up the trendy natural looks *According to Buck* :

1) Go for fresh and natural pallettes like greens, blues, browns and creams.

2) You can inject bright colors but only on accessories. No fluorescent colors, please.

3) Make sure your hair is not too messy to avoid grimsy look.

4) It's better if you wear a blue garment with this look. It brings together the whole appearance.

The paradigms

Some ways to pull the natural style

The additional touches

straw hat


Shades in same pallette

What do you think? Are you sophisticated enough to go for this look? Guys, we should give it a try and let's see how stylish and fresh we can look and girls, share these tips and style with your guy.


::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

Perunding Imej.....:P

Buck Syah said...

faiz: aiitt..haha bukan lah. fashion-minded ja

Puan Saira Azura said...
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cik EPAL said...
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Nyze 二ザ Crazee said...

but i love my man wears bright color like orange. but other bright colors, i don't think so. lol~

Buck Syah said...

Nyze: orange is cool! can have a orange t shirt with this look also! hehe

Nyze 二ザ Crazee said...

yeah! i think guys in orange look so HOT! lol~

Buck Syah said...

nyze: haha so u have guys-in-orange fetish kahkahkah that's the first time i heard haha

Nyze 二ザ Crazee said...

dang! u can say that. lol~

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