Friday, June 24, 2011

Just Another Assignment

A few days ago I went to Pavilion. No, I didnt go there with shopping intention. It was merely for an assignment, which is Pavilion Mega Sales Carnival launch.

Went there with my friend and a photographer.

Came there not early, but the launch sill had not started. So I registered at the media counter, took the goodie bag given to me and sat at The Loaf cafe first while waiting for the event to start. Pastu sempat pulak kawan aku ambik gambar aku tengah panas menunggu. These are the pics

Pastu dia suruh aku pose kat blocks nih

But I'm not for SALE!

It was scorching HOT. namun ku gagahkan jua pose untuk diambil gambar. haha

Then the launch started. There were hundreds of red balloon with vouchers and tickets to be given away to the mall's visitors as part of the launch gimmick.

But the best thing is, media people got free branded perfume!!! we are talking about Azzaro, CK and Clinique!

I was given the Azzaro Twin for Man. Nice! but my friend wanted it. He was begging me with his puppy eyes.haha
sempat ambik gambar before kasi orang.haha

This perfume costs hundredssss okeh! tapi takpe, aku ade perfum Paco Rabanne One Million baru beli aritu. Kalo pakai banyak-banyak pon nanti pening kepala pulak kan. Lagipun this one's smell isnt my cup of tea. So to him it belongs.

So that was the assignment at Pavilion.

Until then!


**::CIKNUURUL::** said...

wahhh,esaimen kt Pavi,.huhu,..

Aman Ibrahim said...

waa~ dapat perfume free..

☂ LIYA LIYOO ◕‿◕ said...

waaa...x time dapat barang free lagi..that will be mine ye..hehe :P

saf ★ said...

baiknye bagi org your gift. :)

khadijah said...

wa... bestnye.. pns2 pun sempat nak pose..:)

zoulmzmn said...

1 million paco rabanne??..mmg best bau die, dah try banana republic for men?..nak kate baru xde lah baru sgt pun..tpai smell die nice..


dyanne said...

cool nya assignment macam ni..u can even get some free gifts..pricey ones pulak tu..bestnye! ^^

::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

model.. hehehehe

[k]o{q}i[n] said...

nice...we have the same taste of perfume... i do use one million as well...

Buck Syah said...

cik nurul, aman,: hehe tapi panas

liya liyoo: amboi haha

khadijah: tu la pasal

zoul: yup, mmg nice. banana republic tak pernah lagi.

dyannes: bukan selalu dapat free goft yang best. hehe

faiz: mati la statement hahaha

koqin: really? that means u r a player :-p

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